How to Change Your Lifestyle for the Better in 30 Days..Really

You’re busy, you don’t exactly have a lot of extra cash and you certainly don’t have much extra time (if any) so as much as you’d like to make some changes and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle it seems like agoal that’s out of reach. You have no time . In fact you barely have time to read a book. But believe it or not you can make some very positive, easy to implement changes in just 30 days that will set you on the path to a healthier,
happier and maybe even wealthier lifestyle for good.

To that end we have devised this simple checklist of some simple lifestyle tweaks you can make that in just 30 days that really will change your life and it won’t even cost you a lot of money.

In the Kitchen:

Eat Berries with your Breakfast: Berries – pretty much any kind – are little natural packages of goodness that deliver all kinds of vitamins and antioxidants as well as a sweet boost to kickstart your day. By adding just a cup a day to your morning meal you’ll be getting some great nutrition and won’t be adding lots of empty calories.

Eat an Extra Green Veggie a Day – It does not really matter what it is – broccoli, spinach, green beans – just adding one extra serving of a green vegetable everyday will help boost your immune system, improve your mental sharpness and balance your blood sugar.

Drink a Glass of Water First – As you are waiting for the coffee to brew or your tea to steep get into the habit of starting your day with a decent sized glass of water. It’s an excellent way to rehydrate after hours of sleep and will help you stay regular. Add a slice of lemon and you’ll get a little bit of flavor and extra Vitamin C too.

Drink Your Coffee or Tea Neat – Science is discovering that coffee and tea actually have lots of health benefits to offer including boosts for heart health, general longevity and mental sharpness. What you don’t need to do though is add all of that cream and sugar, so make an effort to learn to love your caffeine boost neat.

Cook for Yourself – It’s so easy after a long day to reach for a freezer meal so that you can dinner on the table quickly and easily. But there is so much to be gained by cooking from scratch. You control just what goes into your meals (as in no added sugar, or artificial nasty stuff) and you don’t have to do anything fancy, there are lots of great meals that can be cooked up in 30 minutes or less.

Replace Salt with Herbs – Cutting down on salt is tough because you really do miss the flavor it adds to all kinds of dishes. You can substitute all kinds of herbs and spices though and achieve some even greater tastes while also adding antioxidants to your diet.

You Don’t Need All That Sugar – Most sugar – and sugary stuff – has no nutritional value at all. Sugar wrinkles your skin, messes with your digestion, makes you moody and tired, and yes, potentially fatter.

When those sweet carvings strike reach for a piece of fruit instead, given a chance your body will learn to love it.

Fitness Tweaks

Walk, Jog or Run 20 Minutes a Day – It’s easier than you think to fit this into your busy schedule. A stroll in the park on your lunch hour or a jog round the neighbourhood after dinner is all it takes and the benefits are totally worth the effort.

Get Involved in Something Fun at the Gym – If you stopped going to the gym – or never started – because you thought it would be boring it’s time to think again. Taking a formal class, for example, can not only be lots of fun it’s also a great way to get extra motivation and support.

Learn a Little Yoga – Yoga is a great, and very gentle, form of exercise for both mind and body and can be practiced almost anywhere. and thanks to the fact that most of us own a PC or smartphone you won’t even really need to go to a class as you’ll find plenty of virtual ones online or via an app.

Sit Less – If yours is an office job sitting for longer than you’d like periods of time is somewhat unavoidable but making time to get up and stretch on a regular basis really is a must. By doing so you’ll help prevent all kinds of nagging aches and pains and help prevent unnecessary weight gain.

Add a Little Activity to Your Daily Chores – Any time a busy person can add a little extra exercise to their day it’s a good thing. When you go grocery shopping park a little further away from the store entrance. At work, where possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, anything to add a little extra movement to your day.

Take Care of Yourself – Your back always aches a little but you ignore it. That crick in your neck has been driving you nuts but you are too busy to do too much about it. Bad idea. Taking care of yourself is the number one way to improve your life overall and that means taking care of your body. Make the time to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor to get to the bottom of those nagging pains and solve the issue.

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